Nanocomp frontlight light guide was showcased at the LASER World of Photonics 2015 fair in München on 22-25th June.

The light guide is developed for flat display illumination and designed to evenly disperse LED light over the display whilst remaining light weight and economical in battery consumption. Nanocomp uses Evonik trademarked PLEXIGLAS® PMMA foil to imprint microstructures on the foil to create the desired optical function. Roll to roll imprinting of the light guides allows for a cost and time effective manufacturing and PLEXIGLAS® base material together with Nanocomp technology enables high accuracy and light weight of components.

Nanocomp is a 20 year old thin foil optics design and manufacturing house in Finland. Evonik venture capital became Nanocomp minority owner in 2015.