New product release from Nanocomp

Nanocomp has developed an ultra-thin lightguide film for medium-sized LCD backlights. While being ultra-thin, the LGF offers superior efficiency and excellent uniformity, and is believed to be the thinnest and most efficient lightguide solution available in the market in this size range. The exceptional thinness and efficiency are enabled by Nanocomps´ proprietary UV-R2R manufacturing process and the special double-sided micro-imprinting technology used for the light out-coupling. Nanocomp design of ultrathin (0.375-0.5 mm) light guide provides superior performance for all LCDs in the size range of 7-15.6 inch.


Thanks to the ultra-thin implementation, the backlight unit can be made flexible, making a perfect match with the flexible/bendable LCDs.

More on ultra-thin lightguide films here: