At Nanocomp, we always strive for the utmost performance in terms of preciseness. Now we are delighted to announce the introduction of a new polishing line to our manufacturing facility in China.

Prior to the polishing technology having been introduced to our production, the optical film was processed to its final shape by die-cutting without an additional edge surface finish. The microroughness of the die-cutting edges (side walls of the lightguide) is of comparable scale to grinding. Despite the minimal proportional area of the edges in a lightguide plate (LGP), an undesired optical effect may appear in the final application. With polishing applied, the microroughness is significantly improved. Therefore, our polishing procedure eliminates the potential edge glow effect in the final display products, where applicable. This offers great advantages to our clients.

“To comply with the extremely tight optical uniformity requirements set by the customers, we have implemented edge polishing line to our production facility in China. Edge polishing is a fast post-process step turning the semi-rough side walls of the LGP into glossy – or even mirrorlike – optical quality”, says Marko Parikka, Head of Business and Product Development.

At the moment, this new polishing line is at the ramp-up phase in our Yangzhou factory and the first mass production project will be at full scale performance in the coming spring of 2022. Additionally, we are capable of making engineering samples at our Finland HQ to support the product development, as outlined by Tomi Mannerheimo, Chief Operations Officer.