UV roll-to-roll imprinting is a cutting-edge manufacturing technology for micro- and nanostructures applied in mass production. It is cost efficient and nanometer-accurate. In our roll to roll process, the pattern of nano and microstructures is printed on a UV curable lacquer carried by the substrate film.

Our cleanroom production equipped with 100% online machine vision and individual component marking ensures well-controlled manufacturing. The die-cutting and laser-cutting lines enable a wide variety of delivery formats. Our support engineers have strong understanding of required post production process and they are capable of providing customers with assembly support.

To pursue maximized preciseness, a polishing line has been introduced to our manufacturing facility in China. Edge polishing is a fast post-process step turning the semi-rough edges of the lightguide plate (LGP) into glossy – or even mirrorlike – optical quality.

Prior to the polishing, the microroughness of the die-cutting edges (side walls of LGP) is of comparable scale to grinding. Despite the minimal proportional area of the edges in a LGP, an undesired optical effect may appear in the final application. With polishing applied, the microroughness is significantly improved. Therefore, our polishing procedure eliminates the potential edge glow effect in the final display products, where applicable. This offers great advantages to our clients.