Modern manufacturing technologies with electron beam lithography, direct laser beam lithography as well as diamond turning enable origination of highly accurate tooling of nano- and microstructures. Nanocomp have both experienced personnel and stable processes to utilize these technologies for the benefit of our customers. Especially direct laser lithography is Nanocomp’s key competitive advantages, which enable creating very complex and highly functional freeform microstructures. Feedback from our customers and competitors shows our capabilities are in high demand throughout global stage.

Tooling process continues with nickel electroforming, which enables cost effective copy tools for mass production while preserving nanoscale accuracy. Nanocomp expertise working in lightguide business for 15 years has given high quality standards and performance. Nickel shim defect sizes and quantities are well controlled and on higher level in comparison to competition. Furthermore in-house metal coating capabilities enable fast turn around times and best possible quality.

Main capabilities

  • Direct write laser lithography
    • Structure size over a micrometer
    • Binary / continuous structure profile
    • Patterned area up to 45 cm squared
    • Typical structure depths < 15-20µm
  • Nickel electroforming (nickel shim manufacturing)
    • Sizes up to 470mm x 470mm shims (from 20” x 20” maskplates)
    • Very accurate replication to copy tools
    • Fast turn around times
    • High quality standards from 15 years experience in display industry

Other capabilities

  • Electron beam lithography
    • sub-micrometer structures, feature sizes less than 100nm
    • binary / multilevel / continuous structure profiles
    • typical patterned area up to 15 square centimeters
    • typical structure depth < 1-2µm
  • Diamond turning
    • micrometer scale structures
    • circular / 1-dimensional line patterns
    • v-groove/ triangle structure profiles
    • small acute angle radius / high optical quality
    • structure depths deeper than 1-3µm