Directional lightguide film (DLGF) is an LGP that features highly directional and uniform output and requires less optical films to construct the backlight unit underneath the LCD display. Practically, DLGF could work as a backlight unit on its own, without any supportive optical film stack, such as reflector, BEFs and diffusers. As a matter of fact, this approach has been successfully implemented in the automotive industry, where our component has been applied to an LCD display in order to create a switchable privacy function. Equally, the naturally sparse microstructure distribution on the LGP surface results in nearly undisturbed see-through viewing properties on the component level. This property has been utilized e.g., in biometric authentication (far field NIR imaging) through an LCD display module. Moreover, our DLGF has been applied in the high-resolution on-display fingerprint sensing application, based on the same functional merits.

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