Due to the semi-specular light reflection characteristics of RLCD, such a display must be illuminated with a steep enough angle of incidence. This allows for light incidence/reflectance within the useful viewing cone of the display, which is typically rather narrow. Typical LGP based on micro dot light extraction technology fails to do this, since it couples to shallow angle. However, by using Nanocomp’s unique microstructures, a steep enough extraction angle can be achieved, even with full (2-sided) optical bonding of the LGP.

Nanocomp provides the following solutions:

  • One-side optical bonding (partial bonding)
    – Pros. Near-symmetric viewing angles possible, good contrast in dark condition with FL on
    – Cons. Undesired reflections affecting the outdoor usability
    – Suitable products: IoT terminals, indoor solutions, digital signage, wall mount displays
  • Double-sided optical bonding (full bonding)
    – Pros. Outdoor readability, good contrast under sunlight
    – Cons. Asymmetric viewing angle, lower contrast with the FL on
    – Suitable products: Wearables, handhelds, especially products that are mainly looked from tilted angle
  • Local air bonding
    – Dual layer LGP