Microlens array films manufactured by UV roll-to-roll imprinting

Nanocomp’s top-of-the-line modern lithography machinery (direct write laser, DWL) has enabled significant performance and quality improvement on grayscale/continuous microstructures. One such microstructure is micro lens array, MLA. We can provide customizable, high quality MLAs according to your specifications.

Great tooling is accompanied with highly efficient production technology. UV roll-to-roll imprinting. This enables cost efficient and large volume production of MLA films. UV imprinting has very accurate replication of shapes that can’t be reached with traditional production technologies (IM, hot embossing).

Key benefits of Nanocomp Microlens array films: 

  • Ultra thin and flexible film components (down to 10µm total thickness)
  • Excellent optical performance by precise structures
  • Customized arrangements and parameters

Nanocomp Ultra Thin MLA Film, view PDF


  • Shape: spherical, cylindrical, elliptical (convex and concave)
  • Arrangement: hexagonal, rectangular (up to 100 % fill factor), custom
  • Lens height: 0.5-10 µm
  • Lens minimum radius: 1µm
  • Smallest F-number: f/1
  • Surface quality: optical, roughness <50 nm
  • Materials: PET, PMMA, PC
  • Max surface area up to 400 X 400 mm, seamless


  • Displays
  • Diffusers in BLU
  • Optical sensors
  • Fiber couplers
  • 3D imaging and VR
  • Security and surveillance