Nanocomp Growth Program: Pioneering Micro- and Nanostructure Technologies

The Nanocomp Growth Program is a visionary initiative focused on capturing and developing new technologies in micro- and nanostructure manufacturing. This project is instrumental in advancing display illumination for large-size handheld devices.

Project Details:

  • Investments and Development: Our project encompasses significant investments and developmental efforts to harness cutting-edge technologies.
  • Impact on Large Size Handheld Devices: We are innovating in the field of display illumination, enhancing the visual experience of handheld devices.
  • Future Prospects: The Nanocomp Growth Program is setting a new standard in manufacturing, aiming to revolutionize the industry.


This ambitious project is jointly funded by the Finnish government and European Union funds.

Official project name:  Nanocomp kasvuohjelma / Nanocomp Growth Program

Nanocomp Growth Program project has ended 31.12.2022.